• Pag, city of culture and tradition

    The town of Pag have a rich offer of the ancient monuments, culinary delights and an entirely different nature with magically beautiful stone scenery. At first glance the Island of Pag is a rough, stone made, edged with sky-blue sea and placed under the wing of the Velebit Mountain. It is often ... Read More
  • Island & city Pag

    The establishment of the new town of Pag, where it stands today, happened in the year of 1443. Construction of the modern city is done by architectural and urban plan in which Juraj Dalmatinac, a famous renaissance architect and town planner, took part.
    To the town of Pag, King Bela IV granted Pag the Charter of the Royal Free City.

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  • Pag beaches

    Island of Pag is made from 270 km of magnificent gravelly beaches. Their positions will satisfy even the most demanding customers, from those who seek public beach equipped with all necessary facilities, to those who like hidden nooks and enjoyment of solitude. Pag beaches are ranging from rocky coastlines to finest sand.

    Public beach Prosika is central beach of the

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  • Baškotini

    At the Benedictine Monastery of St. Margarita in Pag for centuries is produced Baškotin certainly the oldest sweets - kind of hard milk bread, like toast. It is believed that the Benedictine nuns were cultivated production of Baškotin for more than 300 years. Nuns did their best to protect their hard roll "baškotin" that is now labeled as "Originally Croatian" and

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  • Lace

    Pag lace is a unique handicraft made by valuable and skilled hands of woman from Pag. It is believed that the Pag lace takes its origin from the city of Mycenae. In the town of Pag making lace began in the late 15th century for the church liturgical vestments. Making lace was initiated by the Benedictine convent that had a

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  • Ornithological reserve Velo Blato (Big Mud) is in the southern part of the island of Pag. Nowadays, the site Velo
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    Velo Blato

  • Robinja is the name of folk drama which is traditionally performed during the carnival season, and events Paško Ljeto (Summer
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  • Fortress tower Kamrelengo does not longer exists in its original form, and the place occupied by the tower is now
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    Tower Kamrelengo

  • Paški tanac is performed accompanied by music instrument called mišnice and displays the meeting of girls and boys dressed in
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    Paški tanac