knežev dvor u pagu

The Rector’s Palace is located on the main square. It was built in the 15th century and completed under the rule of Rector Toma Zorzi. It has been the centre of town and island administration for centuries. From Venetian times until the early 19th century, the palace was the seat of the rector, and later on the town rector and magistrate. A well in the palace courtyard has an ornamented crown and the coats of arms of Pag’s dukes. Master-builders of the Dalmatinac circles from Šibenik and Zadar participated in the construction of the Rector’s Palace. The entrance (atrium), which according to its inscription was built in 1467, is adorned by one of the most beautiful portals on Pag. The stylistic features show that it was made under the influence of master Juraj Dalmatinac (Giorgio de Sebenico) and also displays traces of work by Ivan Pribislavić.
The Rector’s Palace is today a renovated cultural monument that serves as a venue for plays and concerts as part of the Pag Cultural Summer festival.