gradske zidine

Until the mid-19th century, the town of Pag was encircled by sizeable and lovely walls with defence towers. Pag had several town gates, and the largest was in the Katine section, called the Porta Marina. Only the lintel of Rector Nikola Tiepolo remains preserved from this gate. The Minor Gate was a little farther south. Skrivanat Tower was erected, as recorded by the inscription bearing the crest of Rector Toma Zorzi, in 1468, and together with part of the town wall it is the best preserved part of Pag’s defensive system. Today a promenade passes next to the tower, and in the summer months it is a venue for various cultural events and entertainment, such as performances by a capella ensembles and choirs, plays and summer workshops. Today’s town hall was constructed in 1906 on the former Kamerlengo Tower. Well-known Pag Mayor Frane Budak had it built at the site for the needs of the Pag Municipality of the time. Part of the southern town wall is visible in the town’s south, in the southern end of the Katine section.